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Runwild Runwild O/one freesia*~ Runwilds freesia


binds U/us free-ly together...with


as Cornerstones


The words you see above, they are where My temptress and I find O/our base to build from each day...O/our path a slow, patient process to learn and grow together...S/some wonder how W/we came together so quickly...My F/friends, W/we spent months developing just O/our friendship, and from that friendship blossomed what Y/you witness When W/we appear together...The passion W/we have for E/each...The fact W/we exist as an extention of E/each...The solid blending of T/two into O/one The icons are her tribute to U/us, grand creations of hers they view more click the icon below


Although this Wednesday O/our Union will be but two months along, because of being such close F/friends for so long, it does seem free and I have been as O/one much longer than I reflect on it, in O/our hearts, W/we have been together much longer...and W/we will be together MUCH longer...~grin~... This time spent together with My free has been magnificent...just when it appears W/we are as close as T/two could possibly be, something happens and W/we discover a new chapter opening up, a new side of O/one or the O/other, and closer still W/we draw... Sure, there are difficult days, or periods within a day...but free and I are secure enough with U/us that W/we can talk out any troubles and resolve them quickly, before they are allowed to become over-blown...This ability to talk troubles through, to talk openly with the O/other, to realize when it's time to be the O/other's best F/friend more than anything else, is what makes Me so confident this relationship will last indefinitely...after all, how much better can it get than to be in love with Your best friend, and know she loves You as well!!!! W/we move into 6 months as O/one

As a relationship progresses, the emotions can intensify and deepen The needs of E/each become clearer and more defined The ability to read those needs in the O/other simplify And in free I have found the ability to express My self in ways I thought lost long ago. A very brief journal entry from her to Me the other day said more in a few words that I ever could in a lengthy diatribe...

..and this is the journal entry from free....


a gentle touch
a heart flutters
a soft smile
a heart reacting with love
a tender kiss
a heart melts

everyday is a stronger feeling, a deeper meaning, a fullfillment i've never felt before, but respond to, grow with, need....i don't know how You've managed to so encapture my heart, the one i guarded so well, and without fear now it's given to You, without trepidation, without looking back. i love You for You , and for the person i've become...thru the good times and bad because of the hand You offered me ...

i love You Master
Yours always

To My sweet temptress..freesia

With a caring kiss and loving emotion
you captured My heart
With a caring thought and loving words
you captured My mind
With a caring touch and loving actions
you captured My body
With a caring smile and loving look
you captured My soul
With all My emotions
With all My words
With all My actions
With all My looks
I dedicate Myself
to caring for your heart
to caring for your mind
to caring for your body
to caring for your soul

This site will grow as time goes along
My free and I will grow as time goes along
so F/friends...
join U/us as this times goes
join U/us in O/our home... join U/us in The Blue Room...

My ramblings
A few words from Me

Take a moment and walk with U/us

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